Nick Mancuso (actor, known for Stingray TV series (NBC) and Matrix TV series (CTV)) - Fraud Warning

This website shall help protect your personal and financial information before you become his next victim.

  • Nick Mancuso is a FRAUD, a CRIMINAL, who systematically cons his fans and other people out of money with very unfair practices. With pity ploy, with lies about his health condition, with lies about his ex-managers, and with lies about his financial status. Since many decades. ALL of his former fan club presidents sent out a public warning! We believe we have a fundamental responsibility to warn you about him! You might be the next victim!
This website is about the actor Nick Mancuso from the Stingray TV series and the Matrix TV series, not any impersonator. Every victim of Nick Mancuso has met him personally after making appointments with him via his Facebook profile, it can therefore be excluded that someone else was operating his Facebook profile at that time. He also made phone calls/video calls from his Facebook Messenger. The abuse also happened offline, in real life, when fans met him in person.
Do not give him your money! Do not share your private information with him! He will share highly sensitive data behind your back, e.g. login data of his fan pages and information about very private details of other fans. Nick Mancuso will use your private information in smear campaigns against you later and will also spread lies about you. HE IS A CRIMINAL!
Nick Mancuso
  • Also known as: Nicodemo Antonio Massimo "Nick" Mancuso (born May 29, 1948)
  • Nick Mancuso's Facebook profile #1: [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's Facebook profile #2: (online!) [2]

  • Nick Mancuso's Twitter profile #1: [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's Twitter profile #2: [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's Skype user name: brukuvelanu [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's e-mail address:

  • Facebook page for his Smear Campaign: (Smear Campaign, operated by a fan) [2]

  • Pinterest page for his Smear Campaign: (Smear Campaign, operated by a fan) [2]

  • Nick Mancuso's now "official" website: (operated by a fan) [8]

  • He is trying to steal your money, he has cheated dozens of fans until they feared for their existence, he is a master manipulator (it is known that some fans have paid five-figure amounts and that they did not receive something in return, even if he promised it).

  • He is blacklisted in Hollywood and Canada.

  • He has made at least 1 million dollar tax debts, he is searched by IRS, he lost his US-American citizenship because of that.

  • The fraud was reported to the police in different countries, to the FBI, to IRS, to the German Police.

  • The fraud was reported to GoFundMe in different countries, but GoFundMe did not remove the campaign. See

IMPORTANT UPDATE (December 3rd, 2021)!

Laila aka "Justice pour Nick Mancuso" confirms that it is a SCAM on December 3rd, 2021:

Laila confirms it is a SCAM

Links: and

The attorney (Mr. Arnaud) of Nick Mancuso and Laila had written the opposite about the fundraiser campaign in 2018:

It is a SCAM


We sent out our warnings already 3 years ago:

It is a SCAM

Please note that this GoFundMe page was the reason why we had put our warnings online and why Laila aka "Justice pour Nick Mancuso" fought us for years! If you think that they (Nick Mancuso and Laila) must be as stupid as hell, you may be right. Yes, she confirms us by her posts. We cannot believe it either! Because they are lying, their statements are contradictory. Their whole life is a big lie. Thank you for this nice Christmas present!

What was the reason why we created a public warning that Nick Mancuso is a fraud?

This warning was created at the very moment when the GoFundMe page ( went public to ask fans to donate him more money. At that time, two different ex-fans and former Nick Mancuso Fan Club Presidents started to warn about him because he had conned all money out of them already before. They set up different warnings. At the same day. More ex-fans joined in some time later and also started to warn about Nick Mancuso publicly. We do not want that more fans become his victims and lose a lot of money because of him.

Fans repeatedly report that they have had serveral e-mail conversations where he had never asked them for money (to "defend" him) - Attention, this is one RED FLAG!

Nick Mancuso contacts a fan

Please turn on your brain! Are you really that naive? Why should a celebrity have whole conversations with fans, why should he share his private e-mail address and other private information with fans? Name one single celebrity beside of Nick Mancuso who is doing that. In most cases you can be highly happy that you get a single response in years when talking to a celebrity online, and there he/she will surely not share his/her private e-mail and other private information with you or other fans, you will get the response via anonymous platforms like Twitter or Facebook at the maximum. Most of celebrities do not even have time to talk to their fans. Nick Mancuso has conversations with many of his fans. He invests hours in such conversations. Is that not strange? Of course, he will not ask you for money or personal favors (aka "a favor for a favor") directly. Not even the most stupid scam e-mail asks you for money directly, not even the handsome Nigerian Prince (very famous scam) will tell you that he is going to scam you. Scam is a process which is only working if the victim does not notice it. It is a verly slow process. Manipulation is a very slow process which takes time. Before he asks you for money, he will ensure that it will not be used against him, especially if so many people warn about him. Of course, he is respectful, or do you know a working scam which is disrespectful? Even that Nigerian Prince scam is respectful while it scams you. Nick Mancuso himself had involved the police and a lawyer, we did the same. The letter of his lawyer was published on Facebook, about 5000 fans had witnessed it. Why do you not ask Nick Mancuso and his Flying Monkeys and his remaining fans why the law has not done anything about it? Or would you believe us if we give you an answer? You wrote that you have his e-mail address, you can ask him.


  • Nick Mancuso sometimes asks fans to open an Online Shop for him. A good example is his current "official" fan page which offers such an Online Shop. You create the Online Shop for him cost-free, you pay for the web server and payment services, he even tells you to buy all films from official distributors with your own money and create downloads from it, and Nick Mancuso alone then PROFITS from that Online Shop. Attention! If Nick Mancuso asks you to open an Online Shop for him to sell his art, Stingray items, film or music downloads, then please be aware that he does NOT own the copyright in most cases. The distibutor where you buy the film usually owns the copyright. And if Nick Mancuso claims that he owns the copyright, then please ask him for HIS OWN BLOODY SIGNATURE black on white on a paper that he alone owns the copyright and that you are allowed to sell that in his name. Because it will be you who has to pay a high fine or who will end up in prison if you violate copyright laws, your name stands behind the website you created for him. Nick Mancuso had already written in the past that he does not want to sign such agreements with fans, that he wants to stay out of it. But he instigates fans to do that.

Other scam by Nick Mancuso (feat. Greg Martin who also supported his latest fundraiser fraud in 2018)

Another fraud feat. Greg Martin

Another fraud feat. Greg Martin

You can find the original here:


  • 1st RED FLAG:
    He collects an unusual high amount of ex-business managers, ex-friends, ex-wives, ex-girfriends, ex-fans, stalkers, crazies, and his so-called "star whackers and Illuminati" around him. All of them shall have stolen something or shall have betrayed him. He also uses it for pity ploy to con people.
  • 2nd RED FLAG:
    He asks people including his fans for money. You may find public warnings on donation pages like from Mancuso Martin Entertainment where his investors had called him A CRIMINAL already years ago.
  • 3rd RED FLAG:
    Fans order something (paintings, autographs, ...) from him, fans send him their money, and they do not receive something in return. It only may work if a "fan club president" (a usual fan) is involved who covers all costs and who cares for everything. In another example, a fan bought a painting from Nick Mancuso for $10,000. He told that his "fan club president" would send the painting, the fan sent the money to Nick Mancuso directly. But the "fan club president" never had received that painting from Nick Mancuso. Instead of giving back the $10,000 to that fan, Nick Mancuso kept the money and the fan was made blaming the "fan club president" for not sending the painting. Since Nick Mancuso had the money, the "fan club president" was not able to give the $10,000 back to that fan either. It was an uncovered sale from the very beginning. Also see "Nick Mancuso twisting things for his Smear Campaigns part 5" if you scroll down on this page which also explains what had happened to that painting before it got sold.
  • 4th RED FLAG:
    He tells he made millions in the past and that he owned many houses, where is all that money and the five or six houses? See second screenshot in "Nick Mancuso twisting things for his Smear Campaigns part 2" if you scroll down on this page. It is a fact that he did not own the houses which shall have been stolen from him.
  • 5th RED FLAG:
    He tells you that IRS is after him, that he has 1+ MILLION DOLLAR TAX DEBTS, and that he had declared bancruptcy. And he still asks you for money to make more debts! Why does he not ask his bank for a credit first? Very simple, because he does not get a credit there anymore. The bank is not stupid.
  • 6th RED FLAG:
    He has a health insurance (OHIP) and SAG-AFTRA, and he allegedly receives a monthly pension of about $3,800. Why does he still ask people for their money?
  • 7th RED FLAG:
    He suffers from heart disease, diabetes, hashimoto, fibromyalgia, hepatitis, uranium-235 in his blood, food poisoning, and more. He says he was radioactive poisoned in the Canadian Stratford Festival Theatre in Toronto 40 years ago, but his fellow actors from that time deny it. He should already be dead if they still find uranium-235 in his blood now, decades later. See, PreventDiseaseTV became a victim of his lies like us. How did the uranium-235 come into his blood, did he inject it? And if you search for it, nowhere does radioactivity come up in conjunction with that theatre. The theatre was never closed, it is still open today. He seems to be the sickest person on Earth so that you donate him your money. Even terminally ill people spend him their money and he accepts it without a word. He will tell you that he will die within the next weeks, months or the next two years. He tells that his fans SINCE 40 YEARS. He is a great actor! It is called pity ploy!
  • 8th RED FLAG:
    He flies from country to country and climbs up stairs till the 5th floor while he tells you that his heart operates at only 18%.
  • 9th RED FLAG:
    His health condition fluctuates together with his "income", he tells you that his heart function improves suddenly at the moment when people send him money. It is about seconds, not hours or days.
  • 10th RED FLAG:
    Nick Mancuso pretends to have money (he flies from country to country every few weeks, he drives with taxi every day, he eats in restaurants every day, his girlfriends receive expensive designer gifts e.g. from Guerlain and Chloe), but you find Online Petitions about his health condition where HE ASKS FOR MONEY.
  • 11th RED FLAG:
    He invites his fans to meet him in person - alone! What does his wife, girlfriend or his family think about that? He asks fans intimate questions about their private life, especially about their financial status.
  • 12th RED FLAG:
    Nick Mancuso asks fans to create online shops for him while he attacks ex-fans publicly in smear campaigns because they had done exactly the same for him in the past and now they shall violate his copyright. If you operated an online shop for him recently, you might be the next!
  • 13th RED FLAG:
    He asks fans to violate copyright laws. They shall buy films from distributors and sell it in those online shops the fans had created for him, and he profits from the sellings.
  • 14th RED FLAG:
    He contacts fans in the middle of night with video calls or phone calls, he asks fans to pay his mobile phone bills or hotel bills, he even asks fans to provide their credit or debit card number. THE ALARM BELLS SHOULD RING HERE!
  • 15th RED FLAG:
    He asks fans to unlock his hacked profiles or to be the manager for his profiles (THAT IS A TRAP!), and later he will claim that exactly those fans shall have hacked his profiles. If you logged in in his profiles recently after he told you his login data, you might be the next!
  • 16th RED FLAG:
    You see him praising fans for some years, and later he will suddenly attack the same fans in smear campaigns as "obsessed, jealous, angry stalkers" or "crazies" as soon as they start to warn about him. He will spread lies about them publicly and also in private messages.
  • 17th RED FLAG:
    He asks fans if he can live in their house - for months or for years. No joke. It is really no joke. Some fans and ex-fans told that story.
  • 18th RED FLAG:
    You learn with time that he means his fans if he talks about his "investors", "assistants", "managers", "attorneys", "agents" or "fiancées".
  • 19th RED FLAG:
    He talks bad about all sorts of actors/actresses who are more successful, that includes actors like Tommy Lee Jones, David Hasselhoff, and Lee Majors. If you are still fan of other actors beside of him, he will talk bad about those actors as well and how brilliant he is.
  • 20th RED FLAG:
    St. Josephs Catholic Church in Toronto shall have stolen all of his clothes, his furniture, and his paintings. Why should a church do that?
  • 21st RED FLAG:
    He may tell you that actor Tommy Lee Jones shall have stolen his paintings. Why should Tommy Lee Jones steal his paintings? Ask yourself.
  • 22nd RED FLAG:
    He accepts your money from PayPal for years. But if you start to ask unpleasant questions, he will tell you that PayPal takes too much time and that they take fees, and then he will ask you for money via direct bank transfer where you have no money return policy (aka PayPal's buyer protection).
  • 23rd RED FLAG:
    His ex-fans aka "obsessed, jealous, angry stalkers" tell the same stories about him and all of them warn you about him.
  • 24th RED FLAG:
    His fellow actors talk bad about him, producers warn about him and confirm that he abuses his fans. Producers remove him from films after filming, for example he was removed from the films "God Head" and "Hip Beat".
  • 25th RED FLAG:
    Nick Mancuso in person and producers tell you that he is blacklisted in Hollywood and at many Canadian productions. He also mentions this in his pity ploy. Producers tell you that such massive blacklisting does not happen out of the blue and that it will have a background.
  • 26th RED FLAG:
    One of his ex-wives warns about him in an open letter and confirms the stories about him.
  • 27th RED FLAG:
    Most of the stories he has to tell are bullshit. The highlights of his bullshit stories were: uranium-235 in his blood, that he played in a radioactive theatre, that Herbert Marcuse is a relative of his family, that King Barbarossa (Friedrich I.) is one ancestor of his family, that his family owned half of Sicily once, that Tommy Lee Jones or a church shall have stolen his paintings.
  • 28th RED FLAG:
    Police officers, ALL former Nick Mancuso Fan Club Presidents and IT Specialists warn about him publicly: HE IS A CRIMINAL!
What more RED FLAGS do you need?

Any proofs needed?

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Nick Mancuso healed without getting donated money (May 7, 2019)

Nick Mancuso recently received a pacemaker and will not "die soon", please remember this in case that he will ask for money soon again because he "dies soon". Obviously his health insurance had paid the pacemaker then.

Nick Mancuso received pacemaker

Proof that Nick Mancuso was contacting fans although they had not asked for it

Nick Mancuso contacts a fan

Fan asks Nick Mancuso to stop with it

Nick Mancuso contacts a fan

In this case he was clearly searching for trouble. It was not the first time that he tried to get in contact with fans from his side although that (former) fan did not ask for it. By the way, the answer "I’m going to be writing on Annie Wilkes syndrome on the Mcquack Chronickles go fuck yourself" was written by him to that former fan and shows clearly that he is not right in his head. That answer also leaves the impression that the "Annie Wilkes Syndrome" thing was his idea. Calling that same former fan via phone a year later, after his smear campaign against that former fan, and leaving a voicemail message - although that former fan had already blacklisted his e-mail address and blocked his social media profiles - does confirm it. Guess from where we have his Skype name (see above). We did not need to have to hack his profiles for that!

More proofs

Proofs provided by Laila

Proofs provided by Laila

The previous screenshots with conversations between Nick Mancuso & Nick G. (film producer) and also between Jana (ex-fan and former Fan Club president) & Deborah (actress) were posted by Laila herself on the "Justice pour Nick Mancuso" Facebook page. Laila had the screenshots of the conversation between Jana and Deborah from Deborah's public pages. The producer asked Nick Mancuso to apologize to Jana, and also told in other messages that Laila is a toxic and mentally ill person. Please also note that Laila must have had access to all those personal conversations between Nick Mancuso and Nick G. if she could post screenshots from it. We are also quite sure in that context that Nick Mancuso gave her access to his profiles, and we are also sure that he will blame Laila later to have hacked his profiles in case she turns against him sometime. It would be easy for him to disappear for some time, and months or years later he re-appears and claims someone had hacked his profiles. Like he did with other (ex)fans many times before.

Nick Mancuso twisting things

In the screenshots above from Laila, Nick G. wrote that he had the feeling that Laila would pretend to be Nick Mancuso when writing to him via Messenger. And this e-mail screenshot proves that he was not alone with that feeling. In that e-mail Nick Mancuso was named in 3rd person because nobody was sure at that time if Nick Mancuso or Laila would write those messages from his profile and e-mail account. Meanwhile we know that it was indeed Nick Mancuso writing those messages. We are not sure if he tried to twist things for his smear campaign again or if he was simply nuts at that very moment. The name Laila was written as Leila accidentally, Nick Mancuso himself did not get her name right in all older messages.

A fan claimed back money from PayPal successfully

A former fan claimed back money via PayPal successfully.

Nick Mancuso twisting things for his Smear Campaigns part 1

Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign

Nick Mancuso instigated a fan to attack an ex-fan. And he tells that ex-fan in a private message that he finds it entertaining.

Nick Mancuso twisting things for his Smear Campaigns part 2

Nick Mancuso talking about a specific photo in 2009:

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

Nick Mancuso talking with another (now ex-)fan about the same photo in 2016, but now twisting things in favor of his smear campaign:

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

The photo he was talking about:

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

Can you please explain how Nick Mancuso shall have taken this photo if he is IN the photo?
Nick Mancuso writes in his message above the photo that his ex-business manager worked for him for 31 years until he left Nick Mancuso in 2001 (2016 minus 15 years). That means that his ex-business manager worked already for Nick Mancuso since the year 1970, that means 4 years before Nick Mancuso appeared on TV the very first time, before he was known? Nick Mancuso owned 5 houses after his ex-business manager left him and after his ex-business manager had "stolen all money from him", and Nick Mancuso still owes IRS millions since then? Does it make sense to you?

Nick Mancuso twisting things for his Smear Campaigns part 3

Nick Mancuso giving an interview in 2019 where he blames "Black Christmas" for ruining his career: The curse of Black Christmas: the man behind The Prowler on the slasher film that ruined his career (The Telegraph) - His career started after that film. ;-)

Nick Mancuso at Fan Expo Canada in 2014 where he spoke highly about "Black Christmas", his most successful films and TV series (Ticket to Heaven, Stingray / Matrix) came after that movie: Fan Expo 2014 Part 3 (The Horror Section)

Nick Mancuso twisting things for his Smear Campaigns part 4

The following posts were published on 2020/01/10 on Facebook (everything in that post are blatant lies except for the blue framed part):

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

Nick Mancuso who gave permission for private use of his digital art called "Actors mask" in 2017 and Nick Mancuso being thankful for the shirt (only 3 pieces where printed for personal usage, that former Fan Club President received his permission black on white):

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

The Spreadshirt shop which sold his other digital arts was created by another German fan (her initials are N.S.) who also had created the Artmajeur shop for Nick Mancuso. Both online shops sell the same digital art and they existed aready many years before. Why did he not sue that fan (N.S.) before the year 2020 if he has a problem with that shop selling his art? If that former fan (Jana) shall have opened another shop in summer 2019, which is not true, how was it possible that Nick Mancuso and she wore that shirt at the RIFS Master Class in Rome on January 21-22, 2017 (two years before)? Does this make sense to you? Can Nick Mancuso name one single fan who shall have ordered that shirt with that digital art named "Actors mask" from Jana, from a non-existing shop? Both posts of "Justice pour Nick Mancuso" were contradictory and were about different Germans and did not make sense at all.

Nick Mancuso twisting things for his Smear Campaigns part 5

Nick Mancuso likes to tell that someone had stolen his paintings (till today, that someone was the St. Joseph's Church, the actor Tommy Lee Jones or any former fan club president). In fact, his paintings were not stolen. They got lost when one of his ex-wives tossed him out of her apartment. The paintings were thrown down the stairs and landed in the basement. We think they got recycled afterwards. And later he sells those paintings as an uncovered sale to fans, telling that some random person would have his paintings, and asks fans to pay for those paintings by sending him the money directly. And later he blames the other person for not sending the painting, and the fan does not get the money back either. See 3rd red flag in the Red Flags list above. If Nick Mancuso talks about "managers" and "investors" and friends, those are usual fans in most cases who had worked for him voluntarily and who did not get paid for their work. Most of those fans invested a lot of their time and their own money because they really wanted to help Nick Mancuso because they fell for his pity ploy, they really thought that he needs help. They lost a lot of money in that way, we talk about a number greater than $5,000 - per person/fan who had helped him. We are aware of one case where a fan took a $25,000 credit to help him. That fan will be in debts for the rest of life because of him!

Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign

The following profiles and pages were created by Laila to attack ex-fans (All those profiles are/were operated by ONE person!):
  • (Facebook page: "Tribute to Jana We")
  • (Facebook page: "Annie Wilkes Syndrome")
  • (Facebook page: "Justice pour Nick Mancuso")
  • (Facebook profile name: Béatrice Scanavino)
  • (Facebook profile name: Terrence Alexander Poher)
  • Facebook profile name: Jessica Cohen (was obviously also a fake profile if it is deleted now, we do not have the link anymore)
  • (Facebook profile name: Cohones Francesco (see 'cohones' and 'cojones'))
  • (Facebook profile name: Betty Blue)
  • (Facebook profile names: Richard Suchard, Lile Dique [Little Dick?])
  • (Facebook profile names: Richard Suchard, Jennifer Blesch, Silk Rose, Janaloste Herhair)
  • (Pinterest page: "Justice pour Nick Mancuso")
  • (Facebook profile: Samantha Stephens as in the "Bewitched" TV series)
  • (Facebook profile: Westley Robert)
  • (Facebook profile: Ethan Belkey, profile created on Halloween 2021, currently active)
  • (Facebook profile: Miranda Campbell, profile created in November 2021, currently active)
Laila talking to herself through two of her fake profiles:

Laila talking to herself through two of her fake profiles

If you look at the comments written from those three profiles you will notice that the comments look quite alike.

The next video was also a part of Nick Mancuso's smear campaign. It was approved and shared by Nick Mancuso with his ca. 5000 Facebook friends.

Nick Mancuso had to remove all his friends from his Facebook friendlist in 2019 while claiming at the same time that his profiles would be "hacked". Surprisingly, exactly the same situation happened already back in 2014 as the following screenshot proves. There are other people involved in 2019 now, but it is the same situation again!

Nick Mancuso deletes all his Facebook friends in 2014

Nick Mancuso tells in his smear campaigns that his victims suffer from mental diseases and that they are crazy. At least 50%-100% of those diseases are invented. And even if some of those mental diseases really existed, he would have known them before his smear campaign started and before he and his flying monkeys would have written about it, that means at a time when he still conned those people.

My personal question to Nick Mancuso: If you know that those fans are "mentally ill", why do you maintain INTENSIVE CONTACT with them? So that it can be easily proved? Black on white and with photos where you are on it. Which normal celebrity is doing that? You did not do it one time, it repeated many times. Searching for such intensive contact with fans caused many problems the last 40 years. Why did you not draw consequences from that?

My personal question to Nick Mancuso: Do you not feel any SHAME to bully a person publicly by making fun of the diseases they shall have? AFTER YOU HAD CONNED THOSE PEOPLE? HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?

Direct quotes of fans and victims

  • "In today's culture we all are being warned about fraudulent celebrity accounts asking fans for money. Then NM [Nick Mancuso] goes ahead and does this."
  • "I recall when he began realizing that I too, would no longer be helping nor would I have anything more to do with him. The countless voice messages, emails, anger, rage and threats. Despicable. How DARE he. He gives new meaning to the word entitlement. For shame."
  • "Nick Mancuso is nothing but a drug addict and alcoholic. He is a sad, useless excuse for a human being who has contributed not one thing of value to this world. He has nothing to be proud of."
  • "As far as stalkers, I would take that term very loosely from his mouth. Of course all, especially good looking actors, get those that get fixated on their favorite actor, but Nick created a lot of his own 'so called' stalkers, by endearing himself, to lots of women and then they fall for him and he 'acts' surprised."
  • "He's been married 8 times legally and one common law marriage. That'll tell you a lot. Just don't think that if he was interested in you that way, that it is anything special. If you are younger thinner and adore him, you are a target, whether he is with someone or not, and he will ingratiate you enough to the point that you will chase him down and he will manipulate you enough so you think it's your idea."
  • "Some official TCM biography [3] tells that he would be longtime vegetarian because of his many diseases. He also claims that he has Hashimoto's disease. Everyone with Hashimoto's disease will tell you that they are not allowed to eat iodine and how difficult it is to find any food in supermarkets and restauraunts without salt containing iodine. But Nick Mancuso literally ate everything he got from supermarkets (including meat) when he was in Berlin in October 2017 for filming 'HipBeat' [4], and he ate pork hock in a restaurant without asking the restaurant staff if the food might contain iodine. Three German fans and a producer witnessed it. It does not fit the stories that he shall have Hashimoto's disease or that he shall be vegetarian, things simply don't add up. Same for his heart which shall function at 18% while he flies around in the world and climbs stairs up until the 5th floor at the same time. His behaviour does not fit some of his diseases he shall have. I think he is a hypochondriac, and he might cause some of his diseases by himself because of his." [5]
  • "Nick Mancuso wrote me that he gets a monthly pension, I have it black on white. Another former fan told me, that he receives a monthly pension of $3,800. But why is he still begging for money all the time? He has made millions of dollars in the past, where is all that money? His ex-business shall have "stolen" his money 20 years ago. I repeat, 20 years ago! Did he not make any money with films afterwards? Where is THAT money?"
  • "Nick Mancuso's famous T.O.P. system in a very few words: (O)bservation: Observing who has money and gaining information about that person. (P)erception: Mirroring that person to manipulate that person. (T)ension: Putting that person under pressure with pity ploys so that the person invests all time and money. I think I now have understood that system." [6]

Is it the victim`s fault that he/she became a victim of him?

To be clear from the beginning, it is NOT the victim's fault. Even people fall for that scam who are usually very careful on such matters. It is a very slow process with increasing manipulation and controlling, the process takes years. Nick Mancuso is very charming at the beginning. It starts with small favors where no money is involved. He is a very known actor, who can deny some small favors then? And hey, he will tell you that it is about "a favor for a favor" like in the Stingray TV series, and who would not want to help Stingray? With time, he starts to ask you for more favors which become more time-consuming and also not cost-free anymore. In return he will make you his personal fan club president or assistant or manager even if you decline it, he allows you to meet him in person where he can manipulate you even more. But there his favors already end. His asking for favors turns into demanding things including asking for money with excuses that he needs the money now and that he will pay back the money later when he has an acting job again. [He has not had a paid acting job in years, his last productions were low budget productions, and he has massive debts.] Even if the victim said that he/she has no money left, he continues to ask for money which is disrespect and lack of consideration for others. We have proof for that black on white. He increases his demands slowly so that the victim does not notice the scam. If a fan helped before, the fan will help next time again. His victims have no idea they are being scammed because they are busy with helping him financially, with doing favors for him, and with defending him in smear campaigns. They have no time to think about it, they have a (second) fulltime job without being aware of it.

What can you do if you became a victim?

If you read these lines, there will be a high chance that you found out that you became a victim of him. You might feel highly miserable and his smear campaign shall make it even worse. Chin up! You are not alone, others went through the same situation already. You have survived him! The healing process starts now. There is no need to feel miserable. You came away from a very toxic person, you should celebrate that. It is only sad about the money and time you had invested into him. Please note that money sent to him directly or via GoFundMe cannot be refunded that easily. Usually banks do not offer to refund money sent via direct bank transfer, that money will be lost forever. PayPal may refund the money within of 6 months. You can try to file a complaint with the police, but later they might offer you to file a civil lawsuit where you have to bear the initial costs. He likes to have fans around him who have connections to any attorneys or who are attorneys by themselves. Do not answer his phone calls or e-mails, do not answer his attorney's phone calls or e-mails! Block him! Block his attorney! If you receive a letter from his attorney, do not answer that letter. That attorney's letter can be a fake. Even if it is not a fake, do not answer it! His attorney's letter will be the last thing Nick Mancuso will try. He knows that it is illegal what he is doing and that you will have better chances in court. It is something different if the prosecution or a court writes you a letter, but then you should contact an attorney first who reviews it. Let your attorney answer that letter then. An attorney is worth every single penny here! It is his intention to make you uncertain with his attorneys and by telling you that he went to the police, do not allow it! Do not share any police case numbers with others! Think first, act then! You always have some time to respond. Please keep in mind that Nick Mancuso is someone who cons people since decades, it is not the first time that attorneys are involved! If he is in danger that he needs to go to a court, he will stop with it. The court is the very last place where he wants to be. He will continue with a smear campaign against you then, the smear campaign will happen in any case, publicly or behind your back without your knowledge. If he uses Social Media platforms for his smear campaigns, you can use the Report button there. Warn about him, anonymously, but do not pay him or his flying monkeys attention. Attention is what they want.

More information: GoFraudMe

Chaos caused by narcissists

Information about the Facebook page "Stingray App"! Important! (January 26, 2020)

The following Facebook page is NOT under the influence of Jana Weschenfelder, she does not own that Facebook page anymore, she had removed the Stingray App from Google's Play Store in 2018. The page is probably misused for other purposes now. Please report that page to Facebook if you see it online. The page does not reflect Jana Weschenfelder's or our opinion! Stephen J. Cannell Productions owns the copyright, it is confirmed by Sony Pictures Entertainment! Stephen J. Cannell Productions/Sony can fight that with Nick Mancuso in person if he should claim any copyright. :-)

Facebook page operated by Nick Mancuso


[1] Those profiles and pages are sometimes online or offline. All his profiles were confirmed by him in person.
[2] Those profiles and pages are sometimes online or offline.
[3] Nick Mancuso biography by TCM (article is not available in Europe):|0/Nick-Mancuso/biography.html
[4] Information about the film "HipBeat", in Italian:
[5] Possible relationship between narcissism and hypochondria:
[6] Mirroring and Pity Ploy in the context of narcissism: and
[7] The Facebook group's description "If you think Nick Mancuso likes, loves, or might be sexually infatuated with reptiles..." is a carefully chosen text. It is based on a story Nick Mancuso told almost every fan. Insiders will know what it means.
[8] The word "official" is put in quotation marks because it is obvious that it as a fan page created for Nick Mancuso, the contact page ( on that website is full of errors, e.g. "RayCell" is not an agent's name (meanwhile it got corrected) and his "agents" live in Weatherford/Paris and not in Rome/Los Angeles/Berlin. What happened to Nick Mancuso's official agent in Toronto? The German-speaking audience (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) is blocked from viewing the website because those three countries are blacklisted by a WordPress plugin (IP blacklisting). They are obviously scared of something. Fortunately, at least those three countries will not have to donate money anymore.

This website is not affiliated with the previous website which had existed until the end of the year 2011, the domain name has been available at ICANN.ORG in the year 2018.

This website is supported by an IT security specialist who works in financial business (for banks) and by two former fan club presidents. We also have support from a retired NYPD officer. We ensured that no false information is published on this website, we have proofs for each statement listed here. SEO is used for this website.

While we are aware that Nick Mancuso has deactivated some of his profiles, we decided to keep up this warning because we know that he will keep abusing some of his fans financially by using other forms of communication (e-mail, Skype and so on). It is a mistake to think that he would stop with his smear campaign if we remove our warnings. Facebook posts of fans from January 2019 and June 2019 proved us right. It took him 11 months to take down the GoFundMe page. His profiles and addresses were known because we were in contact with him for many years, they are not a secret.

There will be no new update of this page, we are done with Nick Mancuso. Report us, spread lies about us, attack us. We have all of that behind us already, you will only be another victim.